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USEND International mobile Money: How to Send and receive money

USEND International mobile Money: How to Send and receive money

USEND is a mobile platform that facilitates remittance payments so that it becomes easier and faster for individuals who are either sending remittances abroad, or receiving them anywhere in the world.

By using USEND, you will be able to send and receive money across the globe in a safe and reliable manner. The USEND app works just like a normal “customer” bank account where the user can deposit or withdraw money going in or coming out. The app also provides two-way transfers so that you can send money to your friends or family, and receive it in your account.

•How does USEND work?

USEND has two parts of which one is the “sender” section where you can deposit funds with someone who has already registered on the app. You can either send or request fund transfer with your bank that’s already registered on USEND.

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As for the receiving section, you can withdraw the money which another user who has registered his/her bank account with USEND has sent you. The USEND app also provides an innovative feature of two-way transfer where the recipient of money will be able to receive funds of another user or register on USEND.

• Steps on how to register an account with USEND

Many people nowadays have been using USEND as an app to transfer and receive money from family, friends, or even from sellers. USEND has been providing a safe and reliable service for users to transfer their money. Although you can’t use these services if you do not have a registered account with USEND.
To register as user, follow the detailed steps below

1. Visit the USEND official website “” to begin your registration.
2. Click on the registration button to get redirected to the registration page.
3. Fill out all your details and make sure you put in your correct contact information such as First name, Last name, email address and so on.

4. You will receive an email to confirm your account with USEND. Please check your spam folder, if it is set up correctly and if you do not see the email, please check to make sure you are typing in the correct address

5. When you receive confirmation of your USEND account, log in through the website or on the mobile app to take control of your money any time , anywhere!

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• Steps on how to transfer money using USEND

USEND is a great alternative to Western Union, money Gram, etc. It’s easy to use and send money from all over the world. You can conveniently transfer money through USEND to anyone worldwide using the following procedures

1. Login into your account from the USEND official website or mobile application.
2. Click on “send money” on the website or “Send” on the mobile app.
3. Type in how much you want to transfer

4. Enter all your personal information which would be needed for the transaction
5. Type in the details of the recipient such as full name, bank account details etc.

6. Check and review all the information you have provided.
7. Choose your method of payment and click on send.

• Steps on how to receive money using USEND

1. Login to your “Account”.
2. Go to Receive Money tab, then select the desired transfer requestor’s name where you can choose whether you want him/her as sender or receiver.
3. Select the amount you would like to transfer using your available funds.
4. Then you can withdraw the money directly to your bank account.

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• How to track payments on USEND

Sending money with USEND is the easiest thing ever. So easy, in fact, that you’ll probably want to use it again and again. There are times, though, when you might want to know if the person you’re sending money to has gotten it yet. If that’s the case, you can use our Track feature with the following steps

1. Log in to your USEND account

2. Click on “Transactions” tab
3. Click on the transaction you want to inspect or edit
5. Click the button “Download file”
6. Save the file as your preferred format (Excel, PDF, DOC, etc.)
7. You can also Upload the file to your preferred cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) for safe keeping.


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