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Wise Online Money Transfers: how to Send and receive money abroad

Wise Online Money Transfers: how to Send and receive money abroad

Wise formerly known as Transfer wise is a peer to peer money transfer platform that lets you perform certain tasks with your account on your phone or tablet. Using wise, you can pay for goods and services, manage your money, transfer money to other accounts, and even buy foreign currency.

This mobile platform also lets you store digital certificates, this way, you can keep track of the money you receive so the issuing bank knows it’s yours. You can also use your Wise account to pay merchants directly from your bank account. All you need to do is enter the merchant’s name and you will be automatically directed to their site – then you can pay directly through the app!

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There are many interesting features which you can access on the wise platform once you are a user, and it’s all free! Follow me through this article as we explain each feature one after the other.

•How does wise work?

Many people find it really confusing how a bank card works, but with wise it’s a bit easier to understand. To use your account you need to download wise in the app store. Then go to You can link your current bank account or credit card with the app and follow their instructions on linking your new account if you haven’t already done this.

The app will then ask you for some details from a valid work or residence permit as well as an address that is registered in the register of applicable authorities. After this, all you need to do is download the app on your phone and use it like any other bank card.

• How to register an account with Wise:

Setting up an account is quick and easy. You can either go to the wise official website or get onto your phone or laptop and download the wise app. Once you’ve installed the app, follow the instructions below to register your new account on your device.

1. Visit the wise official website “” to begin your registration.

2. Click on “Register” at the top corner of your browser.
3. Type in valid email address, create a strong password and choose your country of residence.

4. Click on “Sign up” and you will be redirected to another page where you will fill out your personal information.
5. After providing all the required details correctly, click on continue.
6. You would be sent a link to your e-mail address or a 6 digit code to your mobile number for verification.

7. Once the verification is complete, your account would be successfully created and you can now perform various transactions using wise.

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• Steps on how to transfer and send money using wise:

Wise is one of the many online money transfer services that allows you to send money from overseas. You can easily transfer money from any country where you have a bank account, or anywhere worldwide. This can be done with these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to send and click “Continue”.
Step 3: Enter your personal details such as Bank Name and Bank Number, Zip Code, and Account Type (checking, savings, etc.) and click “Continue”.

Step 4: Select the type of transfer (International or domestic) and click “Continue”.

Step 5: Enter the recipient’s information (name and email, bank account details).
Step 6: Select the method you want to use in sending the money and click “Send”.

Note: Wise gives you access to five payment options that can be used depending on how large or small your payment is. You can choose one of them under each area where Wise recommends you use WisePay .

For small payments, such as paying your bills with a debit card or sending cash to family and friends, we recommend using the following: Wire transfer, Paper check, Check (in person), Direct deposit (in person)

For medium-sized payments, such as paying your monthly mortgage payment or your car loan, we recommend using the following:, Wire transfer, Cashier’s check (in person), Cheque (in person), Direct deposit (in person)

• How to receive money from Wise

Receiving money through wise is almost similar as receiving money through your bank account. It is very easy and stress free. All you have to do is follow the process

1. Create an account with wise and open a balance in the exact currency you want to get your payment.
2. Get your account details from the website by clicking on “Get account details”
3. Share this information with the person who wants to send you the money.
4. Once that is done, you would receive your money in that exact currency in no time.

• How to track your Wise payment transaction

1. Go to
2 .Click on “Log in” on the top right corner of the screen.
3. Enter your username and password then click “Log in”.
4. Click “Money Transfer” at the top menu.

5. Click on “Manage Money Transfers”. You can see all of your money transfer history here including transfers both sent and received, please check it carefully for any possible mistakes, if found, contact us at “”
6. “Wise Payment Confirmation”

If you would like to receive a Wise Payment Confirmation via an email, please click on the Wise Payment Confirmation icon at the top menu, then enter your email address and password, you will receive your Wise Payment Confirmation via email.


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