How to register for Jaiz bank ussd mobile transfer, transfer money, check account balance and block account

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The good thing today is that you are within your branch as the bank is in your hand. You decide whether to transfer funds, pay bills, and make purchases all at your own time and pace.

I have seen instances where people open accounts with banks just because of the simple nature of how they made banking look, not minding the interest rate, the proximity to the branches around, or even how safe and secured their funds are.

As long as you simplify and attract customers, the banks have decided to de-congest the banking hall with technology and that is a step in the right direction.

Jaiz Bank came into the market *ready to make a difference* and it did. At every inch of the way it has created a name in the banking sector for itself.
The short code (USSD) revolution came sweeping and Jaiz bank isn’t left out, with its short code as *773#

Features of JAIZ Bank USSD code *773#

1. Account activities (Account balance, Transaction history)
2. Instant funds Transfer to own account, other Jaiz Bank accounts and third party Bank accounts
3. Cheques (Confirm Cheque and Stop Cheque)
4. Bill payments
5. Airtime purchase
6. Scheduled payment
7. Card Services
8. Branch and ATM Locator

What you need to be eligible for registration

 A mobile phone
 An account number
 A number registered with the Bank

How to register a Jaiz USSD short code

To register for Jaiz Bank mobile transfer USSD short code as Jaiz bank customers simply follow these simple instructions and steps below.
 Dial *773#
 Enter your Jaiz bank Account
 Enter your Debit card details
 Create your secret 4 – digits PIN (only known to you)
 Confirm your4 –digits secrete PIN

How to transfer money from Jaiz Bank

How to transfer to family, friends, business partners and how to pay bills is no longer a difficult thing to do with the JAIZ bank USSD short code.

 To transfer money via jaiz bank mobile transfer simply Dial *773#, select the transfer option.
 Follow the displayed instruction to complete your transfer transaction

How to buy recharge card through your account

You can buy for yourself and others (third parties) recharge cards, to any network of your choice by simply choosing and following the below instructions
 Simply Dial *389*301*amount#
 Example : *389*301*1000# (for self)

Buy airtime for third party

To buy Airtime for a Third party simply follow the steps below.

Dial *389*301*amount*phone number#
Example: *389*301*1000*1234567890# (for others)

How to check your account Balance

It is very easy to check your account balance with the JAIZ bank USSD short code simply dial the *773# and follow the prompt or dial *773*0# to check your Jaiz bank account balance and statement

Advantage of the short code

 It is very simple to operate
 It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
 It is convenient to operate
 It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
 It is safe
 It cut out the stress and save you the long hours queues
 The code is not a time waster
 It’s a very fast and secure process to send money, pay bills, top-up airtime and conduct all processes that the JAIZ Mobile banking Application can do.
 It is simple to use because it works on all types of mobile phone

How to block Jaiz bank account

To block your Jaiz bank account kindly dial 07080635500 for self service and follow the voice prompt or call 07080635555 to speak with an agent for assistance

2. Customers can use their Mobile app to Hotlist/blockage ATM cards whenever you feel that your account is under threat.


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