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First Bank ussd mobile transfer: how to register, transfer money, buy airtime and block account

First Bank ussd mobile transfer: how to register, transfer money, buy airtime and block account

Banking system has been here over centuries and has been of service to man in diverse ways. Over the years banks have tried to solve many of its customers’ financial problems and come up with products that have over the years transformed the banking sector.

With the innovation and technology today, you can easily own a branch of your bank in your hand, where you do all you want from your phone. The good thing, whether it’s a smart phone or small phone without Data and internet you can get it done.

First Bank is not just one of the biggest in Nigeria, but one of the strongest and oldest. Their experience spans decades of service rendering and products design to empower their customers. They have provided a useful banking tool to assist its customers in prompt and effective service delivery.

The first Bank short code is the big thing that has de-congested the banking halls and brought a lot of ease to the customers wherever you are, you get to do banking. There is a lot you stand to gain with the first Bank USSD short code, you enjoy services such as; opening account, money transfer, bills payments, check account balance, recharge mobile lines and even block account or block debit cards.

MTN, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL and GLOBACOM are the network providers that can enable you to enjoy these services and more in Nigeria. And for those outside the country, you will have to ROAM you mobile line to enjoy these various services available on the first bank USSD.

How to Activate a first banking (first bank mobile transfer code Activation)

Whichever service provider you use, to achieve and enjoy any transaction you must have to be registered. To get registered on the First bank Mobile USSD short code, you simply have to follow the steps bellow by dialing the magic number

1.Dial *894*0#, a list of masked debit cards linked to you account is displayed
2. Create PIN. Simply dial *894*0#, a list of masked debit cards linked to your account is displayed…
3. Enter the 4 digit PIN, for selected debit card
4. Click on transfer

How to transfer using the First Bank USSD Code

It is easy to transfer funds from your First bank account to that of others, be it family, friends, business partners or paying bills With *894*

Transfer from first Bank to another first Bank account

1. Dial *894* amount * account Number#
2. Confirm the amount you are transferring to the other bank account
3. Enter your first bank 5 digit you created during registration
4. Select the account you want to send the money to (debit)

How to transfer from First Bank account to other accounts

• Simply Dial *894*amount*recipients’ Account number#
• Confirm the amount you want to transfer to the third (3rd) party
• Enter your five (5) digits secret PIN
• Select the account to send the money
• Confirm the details again before sending

How to buy recharge card with First Bank short code

To buy a recharge card on the go via your First bank mobile USSD short code it’s easy, just follow the steps below.

 Simply dial *894*NUBAN*amount#
Example: *894*1234567890*7000# (SELF)
Dial *894*amount*Phone number# and enter five digits number (for others).

How to check your account balance with first Bank short code

One of the features on the First bank USSD short code is the simple way of buying airtime instantly without crunching or popping numbers by dialing-

 Simply dial *894#
Example: *894*00#
And your account balance will be displayed.
Advantages of the First Bank*901# mobile short code
• It is very simple to operate
• It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
• It is convenient to operate
• It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
• It is safe
• It cut out the stress and save you the long hours queues
• It helps and aids cashless banking

How to block your First Bank account using the USSD

You can save your account and money from being compromised if you can study or follow the simple steps listed below to block your account, when you lose your Debit card, or it got stolen, use this to block it.

Just Dial *894*911# from any line, then proceed to enter the phone number


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