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Globus Bank *989# how to register, transfer money, buy airtime and block account

Globus Bank *989# how to register, transfer money, buy airtime  and block account

Tracing the history of banking industry in Nigeria and globally you would agree that we are far away from where it all started, considering the drudge, waste of time, long queues, and pains one had to go through just to deposit, withdraw, or even transfer funds.

A lot of people refuse to open accounts just because of the above listed issues that will always grace you as soon as you step into the banking hall. And for those who couldn’t help but own an account, it was nothing short of sacrifice, pains and regrets.

Today, this evolution has brought a lot of succor and has eased the drudge faced by the customers. The banks have found ways to ease things for its customers since the advent of internet banking and specifically the invention of the USSD code.

Globus Bank is in the business of making it easy for its customers’ with its short code *989# you can do a lot with it without going to the bank and you can do all that at the comfort of your house, office, car, anywhere, anytime, without data, internet connection, or even a smart phone.

The service can be performed anywhere, anytime. Seamless Funds Transfer. Real-time Balance. Card & Cheque Management. Account Management. Easy Bills Payment. Banking Accounts  on the go from comfort zone without visiting the banking hall.

And you will have to use any of these network service providers to get access to these easy services; 9 MOBILE, AIRTEL, GLOBACOM And MTN.

How to set up the USSD code with Globus bank

Registering your account with Globus bank USSD short code is very easy by simply
o Dial *989# via the number you registered your account with
o Enter 2 send

How to Transfer money from your Globus Bank short code account

Globus Bank USSD short code has as one of its features money transfer, which is either to your fellow bank customers or other bank customers, follow the steps bellow

How to transfer money from Globus account to Globus bank account.

o Dial *989*2*amount*account number#
Example *989*2*10000*1234567890#
How to transfer money from Globus bank Account to other banks
o Dial *989*2*amount*phone number#
Example: *989*2*30,000*1234567890#

How to buy recharge card from your Globus Bank short code USSD

With the Globus USSD short code you have a handy recharge card vendor, you can simply get your phone recharged by simply dialing *989*amount#
How to recharge your account

o Dial *989*amount
Example: *989*500# (self)
How to recharge a third (3rd) party mobile line
Dial *989*3*amount*phone number#
Example: *989*3*500*phone number# (for others).

How to check account balance with Globus Bank short code

You want to check your Globus bank account, not to worry just follow the steps bellow
o Dial *989*2*account number# then insert your security code to validate your transaction
*989*2*10000*1234567890# security code say is 1000

Features of Globus Bank short code USSD

o Check your balance
o Send money (to self and others)
o Pay bills
o Buy Airtime and Data
o Generate your mini – bank statement
to Create Globus bank account
o Fund transfer
o Bill payment
o Available 24 hours 7 days

How to Transfer funds using Globus Bank *989# short code

o It is either you are sending to Globus to Globus or to other banks
o Globus to Globus dial *989* amount * account number#
o Globus to another bank dial *989* 2 * amount *account number#

Advantages of Globus Bank*989# mobile short code

o It is very simple to operate
o It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
o It is convenient to operate
o It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
o It is safe
o It cut out the stress and save you the long hours queues

How to block your Globus account using USSD

In cases of lost or missing debit card, you can deactivate your account to save your account from being compromised.
Call 01-2259000, 01-2259001


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