Wema Bank USSD services: How to register, transfer money, buy airtime, check account balance and block account

Wema Bank USSD services has worn for itself a name in the banking industry as of 2019 “WEMA Bank operates the largest digital Banking system in Nigeria”. For the Bank to get such recognition it means, Mobile banking shouldn’t be a big deal. As the fastest growing commercial Bank Nigeria, effective service delivery has just got better.

Wema Bank is the first digital Bank in Nigeria, and its mobile Banking is just the best you can ask for. WEMA Bank USSD code was designed for those moments where there is no Data, internet facility, no smart phone etc.

With the WEMA USSD short code, you can enjoy services such as; account opening, money transfer, payment of bills, checking account balance, recharging your account for self and for third parties.

The *945# USSD comes handy when you want a quick bank transaction, and you must use any of these Network providers to enjoy theses and more in Nigeria; GLOBACOM, AIRTEL, 9 MOBILE, and MTN. For those abroad, WEMA Bank USSD short code can also be used by those outside the country just by ROMAING their numbers.

What you require for Wema bank short code

o A phone (any phone)
o A mobile number registered with the bank when opening the account
o Network (any network provider in Nigeria e.g MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9 MOBILE etc)
o A WEMA Bank account

How to register your WEMA Bank short code

For every customer WEMA bank has made provision to solve the daily need of its customers without stepping into the banking Halls, to register for USSD short code.
1. Dial *945# on your phone that is registered with WEMA.
2. You will receive a list of items
3. Provide information required such as, your Account number, date of birth, new 4 – digits PIN, and confirm PIN


To activate your code, you need to register and generate a pin. Kindly follow the steps below;

  • Dial *945*5# and
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Provide the information required such as account number, date of birth, new pin, and confirm new pin.

After the pin has been created, you can begin USSD banking transactions.

NOTE – This option is only valid for existing Wema Bank account holders.

Features of WEMA Bank mobile banking short code

 It is fast and safe
 It works on all phones
 You can access your account time with the code
 You don’t need to visit the ATM or Banking Hall to carry out Transactions
 Make instant transfers
 Check balance
 Pay bills
 Read mini – statements
 Buy airtime

How to transfer money from WEMA Account to WEMA Account

Imaging the stress of transferring money to multiple people, with the WEMA bank USSD short code you can transfer easily and seamlessly to your friends, families, businesses partners and even pay bills.

Simply Dial *945*beneficiary account number*amount#
Example :*945*1234567890*2000#

Same goes for Wema Bank to another Bank

How to buy recharge card from your WEMA Bank short code

Imaging the drudge of searching for vendors (card sellers) and the risky process crunching and popping numbers, with the simple use of the WEMA USSD short code to load airtime which is by-

How to recharge your own line with the WEMA USSD

 Dial *945*amount# (for self)
 *954*phone number*amount# (others)

How to recharge a third (3rd) party number

To recharge for others just dial *945*amount to buy*recipients’ number#
Example: *945*2000*08012345678#
How to check account balance on WEMA Bank short code
It is easy for WEMA Bank customers to check their account balance, which is by simply –
 Dial *945*00# and you will get your account balance

Advantage of WEMA Bank short code

 It is very simple to operate
 It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
 It is convenient to operate
 It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
 It is safe
 It cut out the stress and save you the long hours queues
 The code is not a time waster
 It’s a very fast and secure process to send money, pay bills, top-up airtime and conduct all processes that the WEMA Bank Mobile banking Application can do.


How to block WEMA Bank accounts using the USSD short code

Instances are when your account gets compromised, or your Debit card gets missing or stolen, the first thing to do is to block the account.
To block the account

Just Dial *945#, select the self – service option provided by WEMA Bank, you can then follow the onscreen prompts to block your account or ATM card.

Wema Bank USSD services and their codes

Here is a few Wema bank USSD code you will find very useful often:

  • Transfer Money: *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Buy Airtime: *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
  • Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Get your Account Number: *945*000#
  • Open Account: *945*1#
  • Change Account Number: *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
  • Account Reactivation: *945*5#
  • Send Money to phone: *945*6*amount#
  • Quick loan: *945*65#

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