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Access bank mobile transfer USSD: How to register, transfer money, buy airtime ,check account balance and block account

Access bank mobile transfer USSD: How to register, transfer money, buy airtime ,check account balance and block account


Amid a surge in demand for more cash transfer by bank through their mobile phone has been in the increase,Access bank Nigeria has adopt quick mobile transfer known a Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – which enable account holders carryout easy banking from their comfort zone without stress any where from any location.

The banking system has undergone a lot of transformation, it has evolved with the use of Technology, the banking system has moved from the halls to the hands, our hand held phones, we move with our banks in our pockets and operate them on our hands.

We will be looking at “how to transfer money from your bank account to another” without going to the banking hall, Register for the unique ussd code, check account balance a well block account.

Virtually all banks have internet banking to show them to the world and to further help their customers reach to the world, by that they all have a mobile app, but to make it better they have mobile short codes they all use such that it fits all phones, so even if you are not used to a smart phone you can have access to the internet.

Access Bank has made available a mobile short code that has remained its signature among its users and customers. The mobile short code is *901#. With this, to transfer money from your account to anywhere is possible by dialing the *901*is the code to transfer money Access Bank.

To transfer cash to other banks: dial *901* AMOUNT * NUBAN Account # (e.g *901*1000*1234567890#) from your phone and you’re done. As simple as that is, many of us have over the years receive money from friends (Nigerians) living in Diaspora and still operate their local account.

This convenient banking is 24/7. The good thing is the time and stress it cuts out completely. To get this done you need a security code that is only known to you alone which must be carry out from the mobile line that is link to access bank account.

Please note: company account and partnership account are exclude from this service and you can link many access account to it and decide which account to carry out your transaction from.

It is also important to note that you can only enjoy these various services with any of these network providers such as; MTN, GLOBACOM, 9 MOBILE AND AIRTEL. You can do this from anywhere and at anytime, even those from those from outside Nigeria (if you ROAM) your line.

How to register access bank account with USSD

To a lot of customers having an Access Bank USSD short code access is a life saver, as it helps them in very different ways. It is very important for every Access Bank customer to know how to register for the Mobile USSD short code, which is by

 Get a mobile phone and phone registered when opening the account
 Dial *901*0# and follow the instructions
 Provide details required
 Use your BVN

How to activate your Access Bank USSD short code without ATM Card

To activate or enroll for access bank usssd code kindly, Dial *901#, then type 4 for other services, then go to 9 for update, then press 2 to create a four (4) digits PIN (security), then you follow the prompt, it will request for your account number, date of birth, or other necessary information.

How to Transfer money with your access Bank short code

It is also very easy and flexible to get airtime, whether it’s to an Access Bank holder or to a customer from another Bank.

How to transfer money from your Access bank account to Access Bank account holder.

Just Dial *901*1*amount*NUBAN# and follow the on screen message to complete your transaction with easy.

Example *901*1*20,000*1234567890#

How to transfer money from Access bank to another bank

To transfer fund from access bank to another bank here in Nigeria simply dial
*901*2*amount*Recipients’ account number#

Example *901*2*20,000*1234567890#


How to buy recharge card with your access Bank short code

Buying Airtime /recharge card for yourself, or a third party is very simple to get through. You can easily recharge airtime to your line by just a use of code such as-

For yourself
 Simply dial *901*amount#

Example: *901*1000# you will be credited

How to buy recharge card for a third party/family and friends

To buy airtime/credit card for your love once kindly Dial *901*
3. Enter the actual amount of airtime you intend to purchase
4. Enter the exact phone number
5. Press the (#)
6. Double check the information provided is accurate
7. Now press the send button

How to check your account balance with your Access Bank short code

It is as well easy to check account Balance from your mobile phone USSD short code. to check your access bank account balance using ussd code kindly follow the steps below:

 Simply dial *901# on your registered number
 Enter 5 and press send
 your account balance via sms

Advantages of mobile services with Access Bank short code

 It is very simple to operate
 It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
 It is convenient to operate
 It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
 It is safe

How to block your Access Bank account

For security reasons either for missing or stolen ATM card you might want t deactivate your Access bank account for safety reasons.
Just dial *901*911# from any phone and any of the Mobile service providers and your account will be deactivated.


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