Fidelity bank ussd mobile transfer: How to transfer money, register, block account and check account balance

Fidelity bank ussd code enable customer to carryout financial transaction from a phone that is linked to account. The current banking innovation has change a lot in our society, relationships and life. Nothing was more frightening than the site of the queues that usually graced the banking halls, the stress of doing bank transactions.

The sight of the thought of just doing a simple transaction was always scary because of the lengthy queues that always graced the banks and the drudge you will have to be subjected to.

Fidelity Bank has jumped on this transformation is making banking simple and easy for its customers around the globe. Even if you are out of this country as a Fidelity bank customer, you can do banking transactions: send and receive money especially.

Fidelity Bank has created a short code to help make banking easy for its customers, this process is very easy to set up and operate, it cuts out the stress of walking up to the bank, ATMs stands of filling up endless tellers in the banking halls.

This process sure has little or no limitations, you can send money from your Fidelity account to other accounts, anytime, anywhere, 24 hours 7 days.
The USSD Code is *770#. You can achieve this without a smart phone, internet or even Data. This fidelity transfer code isn’t an app.

You can access these services and more with any of these network providers such as; 9 MOBILE, AIRTEL, MTN and GLOBACOM. This services is not limited to Nigeria alone, for those abroad the can ROAM their mobile numbers to enjoy these various services.

Requirements to activate fidelity Bank USSD transfers code:

1. A fidelity Bank account Number
2. Mobile phone number
3. phone

How to register your USSD short code with Fidelity Bank

To register for Fidelity Bank USSD short code follow the simple steps provided below.
1. Dial *770*00# on your phone to start the activation process.
2. Input the last 4 digits of your debit card (the number on your ATM Card)
3. Create a 4 digits PIN, (secrete PIN that only you know)
4. You will a message to confirm that you have been registered.

How to Transfer funds from your Fidelity bank account

Fidelity bank don’t have to worry about how to transfer money from their account to others, with these simple steps you’ll sure be there
1. Just dial *770*account number*amount #
Example: *770* 1234567890* 200000#

How to transfer money from Fidelity Bank to other banks

Just dial *770*Account number of the recipient*Amount#
Example: *770*1234567890*200,000#

How to buy Recharge card with Fidelity Bank short code

Your Fidelity Bank USSD short code is your easy vendor to recharge your phone in just minutes, with just a dial to *770*amount # and you are there.

How to recharge your account number
 Dial *770*amount#
Example: *770*5000# (self)

How to recharge a third (3rd) party’s number

Dial *770*phone number*amount#
Example:*770*1234567890*5000# (others)

How to check account Balance with Fidelity Bank short code

We mostly check our account balance to plan proper, the Fidelity bank USSD short code provides you with your account balance in less than a minutes when you just dial the magic number –
 Simply dial *770*0#
And your account balance will be displayed.

Advantages of the Fidelity Bank *770# mobile short code

 It is very simple to operate
 It is fast to operate, in just 2 minutes you’re done.
 It is convenient to operate
 It is available 24 hours, 7 days.
 It is safe
 It cut out the stress and save you the long hours queues
 It helps and aids cashless banking

How to block your account using the USSD

Many customers have lost money from their accounts due to either carelessness or ignorance, as a Fidelity bank owner you can protect your money, your account and many in cases of lost of Debit (ATM) card, or theft of same. It is important to know that as soon as you feel your account, or card has been compromised you can take the following steps to block your account or the card (Debit card).

To instantly block your zenith bank account, customers should dial *770*911*phone number be blocked#

How to instantly block your debit card

Just dial *770*911# you will be required to provide the phone number and your USSD PIN.


How to open fidelity bank account Via *770*01#

Open an account with fidelity bank using ussd code today in 8 simple steps:

Step 1 – Select an account opening option (Select Option 1 if you have your BVN and Option 2 if you don’t)

Step 2 – Enter your first name First Name

Step 3 – Enter your middle name or Press ‘0’ if you don’t have one

Step 4 – Enter your last name

Step 5 – Select your gender

Step 6 – Enter your account officer code or press ‘0’ if you don’t have one

Step 7 – Enter your date of birth

Step 8 – Press 1 to confirm your details and proceed


Fidelity bank cardless withdrawal via ussd code

*770# Cardless Withdrawal Get Instant Cash From The ATM
Without Your Card . Fidelity bank customers can send the (PAYCODE) to a third party, without compromising your account or debit card details. You can also collect cash from any ATM nationwide.

The entire transaction process takes approximately 10-20 seconds. The PAYCODE (11 digit code) is valid for 24hours from date of initiation . Fidelity bank cardless withdrawal Single transaction limit is N20,000.

We know how frustrating it can be when you get to the ATM only to discover that you forgot your debit card at home. Don’t panic! With Cardless withdrawal, you can withdraw money from the ATM without using your debit card. It’s easy, seamless, and secure. To withdraw cash without using your debit card, dial *770*8*AMOUNT#

For example, dial *770*8*10000# using your phone, then follow the on-screen prompts. Create a one-time PIN (OTP) then enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash. At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash, Voila!
Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Pay Your Bills At Your Convenience;
DStv, Swift 4G, NairaBet, LCC Toll, and Lots more!

For most of us, the thought of paying bills screams stress; traffic, queues, delays, etc. With *770# Instant Banking, you can forget all that. Paying your bills is now so easy and convenient. You don’t even need to have an internet connection to pay your bills!

How To Pay Bills Using *770#

To pay a bill, dial
Example: From your phone, dial *770*1099*41234567890*5500# to pay for a ₦5500 DStv plan

*770# Fidelity Secure

How To Secure Your Account Using *770#

To block your fidelity bank accounts, dial *770*08012345678#

How To Block Card Using *770#

To block fidelity bank card kindly dial *770*911# and follow the on screen message to enable you block your fidelity bank card.

How To Update Your BVN *770#

To update your BVN on fidelity bank bank simply dial *770*02# and follow the onscreen message .

How To Check Your Balance Using *770#

To check fidelity bank account balance, customers need to dial *770*0# and follow the on-screen prompts.

How To Change Your Pin Using *770#

To change fidelity bank usssd code PIN WHEN YOU FEEEL THQT YOUR ACCOUNT IS compromised just dial *770*00# to reset your fidelity bank usssd PIN.


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