May 18, 2022
Domiciliary account

Heritage bank domiciliary account: How to open account and receive/transfer money to your account

With an Heritage bank domiciliary account, sending and receiving money is simple. A domiciliary account is a bank account that you use to keep your foreign currency. They are widely used by those who reside abroad and need to send money home, as well as those who work or study outside the country. It caters to a diverse group of customers, including salaried workers, those with many sources of income, and those who simply wish to better manage their finances.

Heritage bank has made it possible for people who live abroad and don’t have access to money or a bank account to conduct transactions without leaving their home. With the help of this article, you can easily create an account and begin to make maximum use of all of its features.

  • Features of Heritage Bank Domiciliary Account

The heritage bank domiciliary account is an account that is available in three (3) different currencies i.e customers can open an account using any of these currencies which are the US dollars (USD), pounds Sterling (GBP) and Euros (EUR).

To open this account, customers need to have at least $100 or the equivalent amount in pounds and euros for personal accounts (this is the opening balance). Also, the minimum balance required to run this account is $10 or the equivalent amount in pounds and euros. A percentage of 5% would be charged as withdrawal fee on every transaction you make.

Note: Application Telex & Transfer charges applies

  • Documents required to open a Domiciliary Account with Heritage Bank

The following set of documents are required by any individual who wishes to have a Domiciliary Account with heritage bank

  1. Account Opening Form
  2. Two passport photographs
  3. Valid statutory means of identification
  4. Recent utility bill
  5. Evidence of address verification
  6. Two (2) references
  • How to open a Heritage Bank Domiciliary Account

Opening a Domiciliary Account with Heritage Bank is quite easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below and you are good to go.

  1. Visit any Heritage Bank branch near you or go to the Heritage bank official website “” to get started.
  2. Make sure all the documents stated above are available before registration.
  3. Fill the account opening form given to you by the bank agent or downloaded from the website
  4. Once you are done, get your documents certified and take them back to the bank agent.
  5. Make any other necessary arrangements with the bank agent to get your account activated and start making transactions using your domiciliary account.


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