May 17, 2022


Nigerians choose Airtel Telecom  is because of the mouth-watering data bundles they offer. The data bundles have been revamped to meet the needs of everyone in Nigeria provided you are an internet user. Imagine life without data, scary right?.

The Giant telecommunication in Nigeria Airtel, data bundles range from small to mega depending on your budget. Below are the list of all Airtel data plans before we proceed on how to check your Airtel data balance.

Airtel Data Plan Price Data Caps Validity USSD Code
N50 20MB 1 DAY *141*50#
N100 75MB 1 DAY *141*100#
N300 1GB 1 DAY *141*354#
N500 2GB 1 DAY *141*504#
N200 200MB 3 DAYS *141*200#
N300 350MB 7 DAYS *141*300#
N500 1GB 7 DAYS *141*502#
N1500 6GB 7 DAYS *141*1504#
N500 750MB 14 DAYS *141*500#
N1000 1.5GB 30 DAYS *141*1000#
N1200 2GB 30 DAYS *141*1200#
N1500 3GB 30 DAYS *141*1500#
N2000 4.5GB 30 DAYS *141*2000#
N2500 6GB 30 DAYS *141*2500#
N3000 8GB 30 DAYS *141*3000#
N4000 11GB 30 DAYS *141*4000#
N5000 15GB 30 DAYS *141*5000#
N10000 40GB 30 DAYS *141*10000#
N15000 75GB 30 DAYS *141*15000#
N20000 110GB 30 DAYS *141*20000#


We also have Airtel social plans which can be gotten at a cheaper rate;

  • For N25: You will get 10MB, valid for 1 day. Dial *948*4# to activate.
  • For N50: You will get 40MB, valid for 1 day. Dial *991*4# to activate.
  • For N100: You will get 80MB, valid for 5 days. Dial *688*3# to activate.
  • For N300: You will get 600MB, valid for 25days. Dial *688*1# to activate.



  • For N1000 : You will get 1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube.
  • For N300: You will get 300MB, valid for 7 days/night.


Let’s not forget that Airtel has quite a lot of interesting data tariff plans, but sometimes we face challenges on how to check these data plans thereby missing out on these data bonuses which expire without being used. Moreover, you have to keep track of your data to know if someone has been tampering with it without your approval and also keeping track of your data balances helps to identify some Apps that consume excess data which needs to be revoked immediately.


In the section, we will show you easy ways to check your Airtel data balance.


Below are convenient and easy ways to keep track of your data balance. Please you should note that *223# no longer work again while *123*10# is outdated.



To check for Airtel data balance using USSD code.

  • Dial *140# and send
  • A message format will be sent to you which contains the expiry date of the data and bonus data balance, if there is any left.

e.g Your balances are: Monthly bundle; 14480MB till 7th March

Bonus data; 15000MB till 7th March

It means the monthly data balance on Airtel is 14GB and 480MB, which is valid till 7th march. And bonus data is 15GB, which is valid till 7th March.


2.To check Airtel bonus balance – Dial *123*1#

  1. To check for voice bundle – Dial *123*2#
  2. You can also Dial *141*11*0#

You will receive a message indicating if you have an active data bundle or not.



Download Airtel App on your android or ios device via play store. This App allows customers quick access to their balance, data balance, subscriptions and special offers.


Other Options Include:

  • Airtel Mobile Balance – Dial *123#
  • Airtel Internet Balance – Dial *123*10#
  • Airtel SMS Balance – Dial *123*7#
  • Airtel 3G Data Balance – Dial *123*11#
  • Airtel 2G Data Balance – Dial *123*10#
  • Airtel 4G Data Balance – Dial *121*8# or *140#
  • Airtel Night Data Balance – Dial *123*197#
  • Airtel Minutes Balance – Dial *121*1#
  • Your Own Airtel Number -Dial *282#
  • Missed Calls and Notifications  – Dial *888#
  • Special Offers from Airtel – Dial *566#


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