How to buy Glo data plan and Glo social media plan

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Did you run out of data and you are a Glo user? But you want to stay connected with family and friends on WhatsApp and other social media networks. Do not fret, we got you covered.


In this article, we will be covering how to activate Glo data bundles as well as Glo Social media bundle plan at a friendly rate.


We understand how it could be difficult at times to afford some data plans on your preferred network especially when it comes to the Glo network. Even if you come across a cheaper plan, it gets exhausted easily and you usually end up subscribing multiple times. This is due to the ridiculous rate at which telecom providers suck your data bundles.


So instead of subscribing every day and every time just to stay connected with your families and friends on social media networks, we have decided to compile a detailed guide on how to buy cheap data plans on the Glo and Glo social media bundle.


What Is Glo Wtf Social Bundle?

Glo social bundle is popularly known as WTF bundle, which is an acronym for Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook bundle. This social media plan is affordable for as low as N25 for 100MB a day and there are more other plans depending on your preference.

This social media bundle was made to make customers’ life easier, especially for those who spend quality time on social media.


How To activate Glo social media plan bundle

To activate the Glo WTF data  bundle, follow the instructions below;

  • Dial Glo USSD code *777* then slide to the option 
  • Select data then Press 1 or 2 if you want or do not want a recurring subscription
  • Select 6 to pick social media bundle
  • Select 1 for WTF plan (WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook ) data bundle plan
  • Then select your preferred data plan


Below are the available Glo social medial bundle

  1. N25 for 100MB valid for 24 hours
  2. N50 for N200MB valid for 7 days
  3. N100 for 500MB valid for a month


To check your WTF data bundle balance, dial *127*0#, a detailed summary of your data balance will be sent to your mobile phone.

If you had selected the auto-renew plan and you would like to stop the social media data bundle from renewing automatically send CANCEL to 127 as a text message.



You can access your favorite social media network for as much as you want with Glo data plans and glo social media bundle. Accessing the internet and staying connected can cost as low as N25 or more depending on your preferred data plan. All thanks to Glo for making this  cheaper rate accessible to its active subscribers 

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