May 18, 2022
detect fake bank alert transfer

How to detect fake bank alert transfer

Fake bank alert is a more common way to defraud unsuspecting victims of their hard income through a cash transfer by the sender.

Since introducing the Cashless policy, the fraudster has taken advantage of it by sending fake or credit alert messages to people’s mobile numbers, which will never reflect in your account statement.

They usually carry out this dubious manner with mobile applications like Flash Fund App or Fake Alert Maker for Android.

At times, fraudsters may ask you your account number and phone number; that’s a link to your bank’s BVN number.
They use the fake alert app that will immediately send you phony bank alerts, which will look like a credit alert sent from the bank; they’ll then add the amount of money you both agreed on.

Today, I will show you how to know the Fake Credit Alert and what you’ll be expecting from this article, should you get paid via mobile transfer/internet banking to your bank as an entrepreneur.

It is the way to detect Fake Bank Alert:

1. The Email that was linked to your bank.

One of the easiest ways to know of a scam bank alert is by email. If you didn’t link any email to your account – try to open an email at Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

And then link it to your bank account to verify and get any important information from our bank, especially for any transaction on your budget.
It will be easy to get a bank statement and account balance by checking your email.

Immediately you get the suspected bank alert, check your email that links to it to confirm that the message comes from your bank. The original letter from your financial institution can not be attached to any email whatsoever before you believe the sender.

2. Account Balance

You can check this using your bank USSD code or mobile banking app, and you can easily check your account balance from internet banking or using an ATM point. A fake fraud alert will never reflect in your account balance or statement.

3. Check the credit alert you received if it contains your available balance.

Fraud SMS alerts may not contain your current balance; with this, you can easily know if it is a fake or real message. It was a phony alert if your account statement did not show your balance from your customers or buyers.

Please avoid clicking on links that request your bank details or give your bank or BVN information to third parties via email, phone call, or any online platform. Be warned and stay safe.

4. Mobile app

You can easily login to your mobile application to view your account balance . fake transfer will not reflect on your account balance, so you can easy detect the fake transfer on the spot


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