May 18, 2022
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GOtv Decoder: How To Scan/Find Missing Channel and Clear Error Codes

A Lot of people are enjoying the best out of their GOtv channel while others are looking for solutions on how to scan or find missing channels but they couldn’t find one.


This is while we have decided to do detailed research and bring out the best solution on how to scan or find your missing channel on GOtv.

How do I recover missing channels?

To recover missing channels in Nigeria as a GOtv user, visit the GOtv page NG, while you might have to visit the GOtv page Ke if you’re in Kenya.


However, a nearby technician may be able to render the best solution if you pay them a visit, though you might be charged for the service rendered and this is why you should learn a few hacks too.

How do I get my channels back on my GOtv?

First of all, let’s deal with the common issues. Ensure that you have subscribed and your subscription is active. Otherwise, your channels won’t still work even after trying all the best hacks you ever come across. So below is a detailed guide on how to get your channel back on GOtv;


  • Press ‘Menu’ then select ‘information central’ then ‘okay’ then ‘info button’ or ‘i button’ then select 7
  • After following the step above, the decoder will automatically reboot to the FTI page
  • Select your official language (English) and Country (Nigeria) then Antenna power (off)
  • Your decode will restart immediately


You can also try this method to scan/find your missing channel on GOtv

  • Press MENU on your remote
  • Then click on ‘Advanced options’
  • Followed by installation
  • Then tuning
  • Then automatic scan
  • Click on OK to select each of these stage
  • Automatically, you will get 27 channels for GOtv and 37 if you’re on GOtv plus

While scanning your channels, be on the watch for when the screen displays ‘TV channels found’. If the numbers are complete (57), it means your scanning is complete and successful, if not you might have to rescan your channel if you have this trouble, that such error occurred or be it a similar problem or whatsoever, please, it is advisable to switch it OFF and ON again, if it doesn’t work then;


SMS “RESET IUC number” to 4688. For instance, your IU number is 2018996383 then SMS in a text format like 2018996383 to 4688.


After you are done with the above processes, ensure that you click on EXIT on your remote button and do not in any way disrupt the scanning process either by switching off the decoder or power outage.


You should also ensure that your antenna is well positioned on the outside. In case, it isn’t positioned in a proper manner, it will be good if you can have someone adjust it from the outside while you scan through your decoder.


How do you clear error codes on GOtv?


It is recommended that you switch off your decoder and restart all over if an error code is displayed on your screen. However, if it fails to clear on its own, follow this process;

  • Send ‘RESET IUC number’ to 4688’
  • For instance, 2018996334 to 4688. Assuming 2018996334 is your IUC number 


  • Visit the Govt NG website, check the right-hand side for a clear error code, then enter your IUC number, Select GOtv16, enter the type of error displayed, and click on clear error
  • Select ‘ok’ to show the signal information, if the signal is still not displayed, you will have to scan again

Ensure that your antenna is properly fixed and  for this method to work


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