May 17, 2022

How to check Airtel data and airtime bundle balance

Most times, a lot of people often forget the USSD code used in checking airtime balance and data balance. A lot of Airtel NG users do not have any idea how to check their airtime balance while some may have completely forgotten how it is done.


Recently, a colleague asked me to help him check his airtime and data bundle balance on his Airtel sim card and I was perplexed. Due to this reason, I have decided to write a detailed article on how to check your Airtime bundle and everything you need to know about Airtel.


The easiest way of checking your Airtime balance is through the use of the USSD code. It allows you to easily check your airtime balance with just a few punches on your device.


How to check Airtime Account balance on Airtel

Simply dial *123# on your mobile phone to check your Airtel airtime balance, then after a few minutes, you will receive an SMS alert containing a detailed summary of your account balance.


How to check data balance on Airtel

To get started with Airtel data plans, dial *141# then a prompt will be displayed and you will be able to choose your preferred plan whether it is weekly, monthly, or even daily.


Always have it at the back of your mind that Aitel offers a fast, affordable and reliable internet experience that will keep you connected to your family and friends for as long as you want.


How to Check Airtel Data Balance via USSD


Follow the simple instructions below to check your airtel data bundle balance

Dial *140# and your data balance will be displayed on your SMS notification within a few minutes.


You can also check your Airtel data balance using the following codes

  • Dial *438# to check Airtel data balance for a 2 GB 30 days subscription.
  • To check Airtel’s data balance for a 3GB 30 days subscription, simply dial *437#.
  • To check Airtel data balance for a 500MB 14 days subscription, simply dial *418#
  • Dial *437# to check Airtel data balance for a 4.5GB 30 days subscription.
  • Dial *496# to check Airtel data balance for a 1.5GB 30 days subscription.
  • To check Airtel data balance for a 30MB one-day subscription, simply dial *410#


Some other important USSD codes for checking important details on Airtel

  • *123# – check Airtel mobile balance
  • *123*1# – check Airtel airtime balance and bonuses
  • *123*2# – check Airtel data bundle balance
  • *123*3# – check Airtel roaming bundle balance
  • *123*4# – check Airtel Winback balance
  • *121*5# – check Airtel Talk more balance
  • *123*197# – check Airtel Night Data balance
  • *121*1# – To submit your NIN Number


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