May 17, 2022

How to buy Airtel YouTube video streaming, Instagram Facebook and WhatsApp bundle plan


As the world keeps embracing evolution and going digital, more and more people are becoming glued to the internet since it revolves around their job, day-to-day activities, and even leisures.


Presently, it is easier to browse the internet than it was in the olden days, Data plans are easier to purchase and a lot of people tend to prefer surfing the internet on social media platforms while others tend to browse and stream live their favorite youtube channels. 


In this article, we will be discussing how to buy Airtel Youtube video streaming bundles and as well as social media bundles for accessing


What is Airtel Youtube Video Packs?

Airtel Youtube packs often come in the form of Night plans and can be referred to as Airtel Youtube Night Plans, these plans allow subscribers to stream live their favorite youtube channel at flexible rates. This plan can be activated with other subscriptions and there won’t be a mix-up while browsing youtube because only your youtube data plan will be deducted.


This plan is available to all users of the Airtel network irrespective of their status as either new or existing customers.


When can you start using the Airtel Youtube Night plan?

Airtel Youtube Night plan can be used during the night. Which is approximately 5 hours between 1 am to 5 am 


How to buy Airtel Youtube plans and their validity period

Airtel youtube plans are quite affordable but they are not the cheapest as compared to other telecom network youtube plans. Airtel has different youtube plans for its users which include;

  • Youtube plus pack Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Youtube weekly and monthly pack
  • Youtube night packs


Airtel Youtube Plus pack

This type of plan allows you to access your favorite youtube channels during the night and it is valid for 30 days. In addition, it also offers a standard data bonus that can be used like a regular data subscription and a regular youtube plan that can only be used to stream live videos from your favorite youtube channels.

Below is a breakdown of how to subscribe to these plans;


4.5GB for N1000 valid for one month, 1.5GB is standard data while 3GB for youtube – to subscribe dial *323*31#

9.5GB for N2000 valid for one month, 3.5GB is standard data while 6GB for youtube – to subscribe dial *323*32#

15GB for N2500 valid for one month, 5GB is standard data while 10GB for youtube – to subscribe dial *323*33#

17GB for N3500 valid for one month, 7GB is standard data while 10GB for youtube – to subscribe dial *323*34#

19GB for N4000 valid for one month, 9GB is standard data while 10GB for youtube – to subscribe dial *323*35#

Youtube weekly & Monthly packs

This plan is available for people who want to enjoy and access their favorite youtube channel without restrictions. It allows users to access youtube and streamline their favorite channels at any time of the day.

Below is a detailed breakdown of Airtel Youtube Weekly & Monthly plans


300MB for N300 valid for 7 days, dial *323*12# to subscribe

600MB for N400 valid for 30 days, dial *323*11# to subscribe


Airtel youtube night plan

This is a type of data plan that allows you to access and stream live youtube channels during the night(1 am to 5 am). You can dial *323*22# to purchase 300MB valid for 7 days or dial *323*21# to purchase 600MB data plan valid for 30 days


How to check YouTube Video pack balance

To check Airtel Youtube Video pack balance, dial *140# on your mobile phone, and a message will be sent displaying your youtube data balance.


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