May 17, 2022

How to buy MTN YouTube video streaming, Instagram and WhatsApp bundle plan

MTN NG is one of the biggest telecommunication network companies with a huge number of customers all over Nigeria. Its data plans allow Subscribers to access the internet and communicate with their loved ones across different types of devices such as smartphones, PCs, and modems.


MTN NG has really made subscribing to their data bundle plan easier than others. They offer flexible and affordable data that are fast and reliable. Although MTN may not offer data bundle plans at a cheaper rate compared to their telecom counterparts, it is one of the most affordable data plans out there.


In this article, we will be discussing everything that has to do with MTN Youtube video streaming, Instagram, and as well as WhatsApp bundle plans and how to purchase them using a unique USSD code.


MTN data bundles, subscription codes, and their validity 

MTN NG offers a wide range of affordable data plans for its users ranging from MTN daily data plans, MTN 2 days data plans, MTN monthly data plans,s and many more. This implies that you can afford MTN data plans no matter how small you can afford them.


Below are the available MTN data plans and how you can subscribe to them.


MTN daily data bundle

These daily data bundle plans are available for users who need data for a short period of time and are not looking forward to something huge or those who cannot afford to spend heavily on data plans.


25MB for N50 valid for 24 hours- to subscribe text “114” to 131

75MB for N100 valid for 24 hours- to subscribe text “155” to 131


MTN 2 days data bundle

This type of data plan is also similar to a daily data bundle as it is some kind of plan needed for a short period of time.


200MB for N200- to subscribe text “113” to 131

2GB for N500- to subscribe text “154” to 131


MTN weekly data bundle

350MB for N300 valid for one week-  to subscribe text “102” to 131

750 MB for N500 valid for two weeks- to subscribe text “103” to 131


MTN monthly data bundle


1.5GB for N1000 valid for one month – to subscribe text “106” to 131

2GB for N1200 valid for one month- to subscribe text “130” to 131

3.5GB for N2000 valid for one month- to subscribe text “110” to 131

6.5GB for N3500 valid for one month- to subscribe text “107” to 131

11GB for N5000 valid for one month- to subscribe text “116” to 131


MTN social bundles

MTN social media bundles allow its subscribers to enjoy access to their favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and even stream live youtube videos at affordable and flexible rates. MTN subscribers can now access their favorite social media apps for as low as N25 per day, N50 per week, and N150 per month.


Does MTN have a YouTube bundle?

Yes, MTN offers Youtube bundles. It allows users to stream live their favorite channels on youtube during the day and night at affordable rates.


This MTN youtube video streaming bundle is a time-based data bundle that allows users to watch youtube videos online from their mobile devices.


TO subscribe to the MTN Youtube bundle via SMS, text the specific plan you want to 131, However, there are different types of youtube video streaming bundles available, there are 1-hour plan, 3 hours plan, 5 hours plan( available from midnight 12 am to 5 am) and 7b hours plan as well (11 pm to 6 am)


How do you buy YouTube bundles?

The guide below is a detailed step on how to subscribe to different MTN youtube bundle plans


MTN 1hr youtube plan

This plan allows you to stream live youTube videos for one hour. It is valid for 24 hours which implies that you have to exhaust your data bundle within 24 hours of subscription.


To subscribe to this plan, text VP1 to 131. The 1hr youtube plan cost N150


MTN 2hrs YouTube Plan

This plan allows you to access your favorite youtube channels for 3 hours. To subscribe text VP3 to 131. It is valid for 24 hours and costs N400


MTN youtube Night plan

This plan allows users to enjoy maximum access to their favorite youtube channel during the night for approximately 5 hours (12 am to 5 am) and it costs N50. to subscribe to text VP5 to 131. This plan is cheap and costs just N50


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