May 17, 2022

How to buy 9mobile YouTube video streaming, Instagram Facebook and WhatsApp bundle plan


Youtube is one of the multiple ways in which coaches, educators, and business owners can reach their audience in real-time. This could be in the form of hosting a live question and answer section, teaching, streaming live videos, and as well interacting in real-time with their audience while using Google tools to manage the stream.


Youtube video streaming in Nigeria is one of the most pleasurable ways of enjoying your leisure but it consumes a considerable amount of data. This is why Telecommunication network companies like 9mobiloe formerly known as Etisalat have decided to offer Youtube data bundles to minimize the cost of streaming live videos on your favorite youtube channel.


9Mobile youtube plan

9mobile offers an affordable, fast, and reliable youtube video streaming data bundle to help users reduce costs. You can get 1GB for N200 and 5GB for N1000


How to buy 9Mobile Youtube data plan

1 GB for the N200 youtube data plan is valid for just three days which implies that you must exhaust the data plan before the end of 72 hours and once it expires before you are able to exhaust it, you will have to reactivate it again.


9mobile 5GB for N1000 is valid for 15 days and does not also auto-renew after expiry date or exhaustion.


How to buy the 9Mobile youtube bundle plan

To subscribe to the 9Mobile youtube video streaming data bundle, dial *929*10# on your mobile phone and you can also dial *228# to your data balance


9Mobile also offers unlimited video streaming to its users so they can access their favorite youtube channels. However, these youtube video streaming packs are valid for just 2 hours, 3 hours and 7 hours for an affordable rate of N400, N500, and N1000.


What is the 9mobile social plan?


9mobile social plan is a special bundle plan that allows 9mobile/Etisalat users to access social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram at a flexible rate


What is the code for the 9mobile social bundle?

To subscribe to the 9mobile social bundle plan, dial *200*3*1#


1 GB data plan cost N300, valid for 1 day to access all social media platforms

2 GB data plan cost N500, valid for 3 days to access all social media platforms 


You can also subscribe to a 1GB data plan valid for 7 days at the rate of N500 and also 7GB data plan valid for 7 days at the rate of N1500 or a 15GB data plan valid for 30 days at the rate of N5000


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