May 17, 2022
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How To Block a Nigerian Bank Account

One of the most frustrating things you can encounter as a Nigerian is losing either your ATM card or Phone. This is because the economic situation of the country is far from expected and a lot of people are now going into fraudulent acts and stealing from innocent citizens.


You should not panic if either of your ATM or Phone is stolen you don’t have to be desperate for a solution because in this article we are covering everything on how to block your bank account in Nigeria from fraudulent activities 


Can I block someone from taking money from my bank account?

Yes, you can. Once you confirm that your ATM or Phone is stolen or missing, you can block your account before anyone else take advantage of your stolen items and swindle your hard-earned money.


It is often frustrating when you realize that your phone and ATM cards are stolen or missing because you know it poses a great threat to your finances and identity.


How do I block a bank account?

To block a bank account in case of emergency, there are two methods of blocking your Nigerian account

The first method is by using your SIM card that links to your bank account  provided that it was stolen, you can do this by calling your customer care of your mobile network provider and asking them to block your mobile number


The second method you can use in blocking your account number involves going to the bank to make complaints and filling out the necessary document, if the bank is not available that same day, you can call your bank customer care line and provide the necessary details that will aid in the blocking of your ATM or account number from fraudulent activities.


The third method is by dialing bank USSD codes on your mobile phone that link to your bank account. After a short while, you will be required to provide your bank details and your account will be blocked instantly from any transaction or withdrawal until you’re able to sort things out.


What is the code to block bank accounts?

To Lock your account numbers you may be required to provide your NUBAN account number and other necessary details, to ensure that you’re the real owner of the bank account, so keep them handy. In addition, these USSD codes will only work on your registered line that links to your bank account, and be rest assured that your bank care line will never ask you for suspicious details.


In case you’re already a victim of fraudulent acts via yahoo boys accessing your sensitive bank details, do not fret. The USSD codes below can block your bank account within a few minutes.

List of USSD Codes and emergency numbers to block your account number from fraudulent activity

Access bank

Call Access bank emergency care line on +23412802500

First bank

Send block to 30012 using a text message

Zenith bank

Dial *966*911# on your registered mobile number

Keystone bank

Call the customer care line on 23470020003000

Sterling bank

Call the customer care line on 070078378464

Polaris  bank

custom care career line on +2341270850 or Dial *833*13#


Dial *73751*10#


Text STOP ATM And your account number to 0806326226

Wema Bank

Call the customer care line on 08039003700

Stanbic IBTC Bank

Dial *909# on your registered number and select my bank and select service request then select block card


Dial *919*10# on your registered number

Fidelity Bank

Dial *770911# on your registered number

Union Bank

Text BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123

Citibank Nigeria

Call the customer care line at +234 1 279 8400 or +234 1 463 8400

Globus Bank

Call the customer care line on 01-2259000, 01-2259001

Heritage Banking Company

Dial *745# on your mobile number

Standard Chartered

Call the customer care line at +234 270 4611 -4, +234 800 123 5000

Providus Bank

Call the customer care line at +234 70077684387

SunTrust Bank Nigeria

Call the customer care line at +234 908 733 1440

Titan Trust Bank

Customer care line on 012265129, 012265100, 07000200200

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