8 Top Instant Loan Apps In Nigeria

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At times, there are certain situations that put us in an urgent need for money. It might be that we urgently need to settle hospital bills, pay house rent fees or school fees or invest in our business,


Do not fret, there are a lot of programs designed to help people overcome these urgent needs, there are tons of instant loan apps that offer loans for personal and business use without much stress.


In this article we will be covering the best instant loan Apps you will ever come across in Nigeria

These apps are one of the most reliable and when it comes to getting an instant loan, their customer service and requirement process are top-notch and easy.

Top 8 Instant Loan Apps You Should Try Out  In Nigeria

Below is a list of the best instant loan apps you will ever come across in Nigeria;

  • Palmcredit

Palmcredit is one of the best instant loaning apps, it allows borrowers to borrow as low as N2000 to N100,000 through their mobile application. It also rewards people for referring borrowers to the app and the application process for the loan is straightforward and fast, with a few clicks, you will get an instant loan.

  • Carbon (paylater)

Carbon is an instant loan app that was formerly known as paylater, it offers one of the best services when it comes to borrowing people online.


Everyone is eligible to borrow money from this app, be it a businessman/woman, a student, or a salary owner. It is quite easy to access funds as the requirement process does not involve the need for a guarantor or collateral and the service is available for 24/7


Another interesting thing about Carbon is that, as you pay up your loan on time, you get to borrow more and more from the app.

  • Branch

The branch instant loan app is also reliable in giving instant stress-free loans to borrowers, they operate here in Nigeria and extend to Kenya, Mexico, and India.


It is easy to secure a loan from their mobile application, all you need is to download their mobile app from the google play store or Apple store, install it, sign up and fill in the necessary details then request loans and within a few minutes, you will be smiling at your bank account.

  • Qucikcheck

With Qucikcheck, you can access instant loans without much effort and collateral


All you need is a good credit history that will be calculated by the application algorithm few minutes after you’ve signed up.


Interestingly, you can choose your preferred payment date and can borrow up to N200,000.

  • Aella Credit

If you’re looking for an instant loan app that offers loans with a seamless customer care service and better customer relations, you should try them out.


All you need is to download the app, install it, fill in the necessary details and get access to the loan from the comfort of your home. However, make sure that you input the correct details so that you easily use the app.

  • Kia Kia

Kiakia as the name implies means “fast fast”, it is a secured instant loan app that gives loans to business owners who need loans for their business.to borrow from Kiakia dial *822# on your mobile phone and can also get the loan directly from the official owners of kiakia loans.


You can as well visit their official website at your convenience to process the loan.

  • Fair money

Fair money is also an instant loan app that allows you to borrow without stress, with no collateral or paperwork and you can borrow as much as N150,000.


The app also allows you to pay back at your own convenience, you can repay by installment and when you repay on time, there is always a reward for each repayment.


You also get a 5% discount on every recharge card you get through the mobile app.

  • Creditville

The last on our list is Creditville, this loan app offers instant loans to salary earners and business owners to meet their urgent needs. You can get a loan as high as about N100,000 to 4 million nairas and will repay by installment without collateral and paperwork


To apply, visit their official website and fill out their application form and you will get your loan within a short interval.


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