How to enroll for Zenith bank mobile app and online banking and transfer money

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Banking just got easier with Zenith bank mobile banking, it allows you to access the banking service without having to visit the nearest bank or wait in a long queue at the ATM stand.


The Zenith bank mobile banking is designed in three ways, the use of USSD codes, internet banking, and mobile app banking. these services allow Zenith bank costumes to access their funds, make payments and transfers, and even purchase some other things online without stress


In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about  Zenith bank mobile banking and how to make transfers.


The Zenith Bank Mobile Banking

The Zenith Bank Mobile Banking is designed in two ways to enable users to easily achieve a stress-free transaction process. It is easy to operate, Available 24/7, saves time and receipts can be generated within a few minutes from users’ email and SMS notifications.


How to activate Zenith Bank Mobile Banking

To use Zenith Bank mobile banking, Follow the detailed steps below;

  • Download “Zenith bank mobile app” from your google play store
  • Install the app after successfully downloading it
  • Register as a User


In case you’re a new user who isn’t familiar with the mobile banking process, follow the instructions below.

  • Input your account number on the mobile application
  • Create a password, a secure PIN that will serve as a pass whenever you want to use the app
  • Create a mobile  PIN for confirming transactions at the end of every payment transaction
  • You will be required to input your PIN and TOKEN for authentication
  • After a few minutes, you will be redirected to the login page 
  • Input your account details and password to access the mobile banking service
  • Hurray, you’re good to go!


What is the code for Zenith Bank mobile banking?

The other method of accessing Zenith bank mobile banking from the comfort of your home is through the use of USSD, USSD is a special code that allows you to access zenith bank mobile service without connecting your device to the internet.


to use this service you need your mobile number linked to your Zenith bank account, then,

  • Dial the USSD codes *996#
  • A prompt will be displayed on your mobile phone
  • Select Zenith bank USSD code activation 
  • Input your account details
  • Create a four-digit PIN for confirming transactions
  • Submit and complete the process


How do I do online banking with Zenith?

To enroll in zenith bank online banking, you need to download the zenith bank mobile banking app from the google play store or Apple store, install and register to be able to use the self-service



Zenith bank mobile banking is a very convenient and user-friendly interface, it also allows users to generate receipts through SMS and email without the hassle







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