May 17, 2022
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How to enroll for UBA mobile banking app and online transfer

We live in a time where the world has embraced evolution and there is more sophisticated technology. The advent of mobile banking has proven to be more efficient and reliable than standing in a long queue to withdraw from the ATM and visiting banks for every minor transaction.


Mobile banking is designed in various forms such as through the use of USSD and mobile banking applications. This form of mobile banking allows users to transfer funds, pay their bills and salary, and even recharge without visiting the nearest bank.


In this article, we will be discussing how to enroll for UBA mobile banking and online transfer.

Since UBA adopted the mobile banking system, it is now easier for their customers to use their service from any part of the world securely.


How to enroll for UBA mobile banking

UBA offers a mobile app and used code for financial transactions both can be used for bills payment, transfer funds, buying airtime and checking account balances, Quick Loans, and many more from any location without visiting the banking hall.


To enroll for UBA mobile banking, there are ways you can register for an online banking

  • By enrolling with your debit card by yourself
  • With virtual enrollment form
  • And applying at the nearest UBA bank


To register for mobile banking on UBA mobile app, follow the instruction below;

  • Go to the google play store or Apple store, download UBA mobile banking application
  • Install and follow the necessary registration process
  • Create your password and authentication PIN for confirming transactions
  • Choose your security questions, it allows you to access your mobile bank account when you forgot your password.
  • After successful registration, you will be directed to the user dashboard where you have a list of banking services you can operate from the comfort of your home like making transfers, paying bills, and purchasing recharge cards and data bundles.
  • At the left corner of your screen, you will see a list of menus where you can select any of the following;
  1. Account
  2. Other bank accounts
  3. Transaction


When you select the account, you will be allowed to check your account balance and transaction history. You may also download the statement of account if you wish. To download your statement of account, click on the menu and select your account number, and the intervals you wish to download.


How to use UBA mobile banking using USSD

The USSD code is designed to suit the needs of customers who have no access to the internet and need an urgent mobile banking service. To use UBA mobile banking service using USSD, follow these instructions below;

  • Dial *919# on your mobile number linked to your UBA bank account
  • Follow prompt and input the necessary details


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