May 17, 2022

How to Check Your MTN number in Nigeria

You probably have an MTN SIM and you can’t remember the mobile number because you just got it or probably it is not your hot mobile number so you do not necessarily need to cram the number. MTN being a giant telecommunication network in Nigeria has found quite a number of ways to help new users remember and find their mobile numbers.


In this article, we will be discussing how to check your MTN number, the procedures, and different ways of checking your MTN mole number.


How do you check your MTN Number?

It is quite easy to check your MTNe mobile number. For new users who just got their mobile number, it might be difficult to remember a new number, in case you’ve forgotten and need to know your mobile number below are a few ways you can go about it;


How to Check Your MTN Number Using USSD Code

To check your Airtel number using the USSD code, follow the instructions below


  • Simply dial *663# on your mobile device and a prompt will be displayed
  • Then, your mobile number will be displayed in a second


Call a Friend or Family to Get the Number

You can also check your MTN Number by calling your friends or family. While you’re the caller, all you need to do is ensure the person you’re calling is nearby then check your mobile number on the person’s call log. Alternatively, you can as well tell your friend or family if they are far away to text you your mobile number after calling them.


In case, you do not have credit on your line, you can send a ‘call me back’ message to your family or friends who is an Airtel users in order to get your mobile number. This can be done by 

  • Dialing *133# then input your friend’s or family’s number after a prompt is displayed
  • Then select 1
  • Check your friend’s phone if the message was sent
  • There you have your mobile number displayed as the sender of the message



It is very common to easily forget MTN numbers especially if you just got a new SIM, this is why we have compiled a list of a few trusted and tested methods that allow you to check your mobile number without stress.


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