May 18, 2022

Can People with Disability get Payday Loan?

Disabilities can be life-limiting. It can be stressful and frustrating and can directly affect how much income an individual can earn. This on the other hand can affect the inability of that person to take care of some bills giving rise to adopting loans.


Payday loans come into play for people living with disabilities since they need a means of financial solutions to ease their money-related issues in business. Payday loans are short loans for a short period of time and they are useful to people living with disabilities too. In as much as they are spent on purposeful things and you’re capable of paying back.


How can I get an urgent loan in Nigeria?

Urgent loans can be acquired on instant loan mobile apps depending on your creditworthiness and you can as well visit any local banks around you for loan requests and application processes.


Can People living with disabilities Get Payday loans?

Yes, people living with disabilities can get payday loans though it might be difficult to get approval. There is a program called “Payday loans for people with disabilities”, it was set up for people who want to access loans pending the time they will be able to get their salary or wages.


This type of loan allows people living with disabilities to access money till their payment day. Especially for those who earn their income through social assistance.


What to consider when getting a payday loan for people living with disabilities

When getting a payday loan for people living with disabilities, it becomes easier when the person gets monthly income from society or through government assistance. This is because such a person will not need to have their credit score checked for creditworthiness but there are other things that will be considered by the lender before they can get the loan. Below are a few things lenders would consider;

  • Lender’s service policy

You should consider the lender’s service policy before taking any payday loan. You might ned to check the terms, fees, interest rates, payments, and other necessary conditions to see if you’re comfortable with them.

  • Repayment

Think about how to repay before opting for the loan. Make sure the amount you plan on borrowing is something you can pay back without issues.

  • The state laws

Just like the normal loans, payday loans also have some rules and regulations guiding them by the law. Although some states have strict laws while some do not permit the loan. So you need to make research on your state laws to see if they are allowed.

  • The Application Process

Quite a lot of lenders have different requirements for their application process. So choose an application process that is very easy. And you should also note that you will need to state your source of income as well as the amount.

How to get a payday loan for people living with disabilities online

Below is a step-by-step process on how to get a payday loan for people living with disabilities online.

  • Choose a lender

You should carefully choose a lender with an easy requirement that you can roll with. The best lender won’t stress you.

  • Fill out the registration form

You will be required to fill out the registration before you can access the loan. Ensure you provide the correct information to get your application easily approved and faster. Each lender you come across may require a different piece of information from you.

  • Get Approved

After a successful registration/application process, you will need to sign the loan agreement as well and your fund will be paid immediately.




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