How to Register For Union Bank USSD: Transfer Money, and Check Statement of Account

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Most Union bank customers might be wondering How to Enroll For Union Bank USSD? Therefore, digital banking has revolutionized how man accesses money.

In fact, it has put out several protocols to access funds, helping to manage time, and creating a means of ease, speed, and comfort.

So, with the Union bank USSD service, customers can be flexible and relaxed while carrying out any transaction in any part of the globe.

In light of this, we have put up this article to guide you on how you can enroll for the Union Bank USSD code.

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What are the Benefits of the Union Bank USSD?

Here is a list of the functions and benefits of the Union bank USSD code:

  • Get short-term or long-term loans.
  • Purchase anytime for self and family
  • Pay for school fees
  • Any governmental financially related business like taxes
  • Make donations to a non-governmental organization.
  • Purchase household goods
  • Make online orders and shop.
  • Check your account balance
  • Request for your bank verification number (BVN)
  • Check statement of account

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What are the Requirements to Register for the Union Bank USSD

The unique USSD code is *826# and it is free but before you can perform any transaction with the code, you need to obtain the following.

  • An account with Union bank
  • A mobile phone with a detectable signal
  •  A telephone number registered with Union bank

Then, you proceed to register by dialing *826*5#, Union bank deems it necessary to verify your identity to avoid monetary theft or fraud and will request the four-digit pin that is solely known by you, once you have completed this, you certainly good to explore the Union bank USSD service.

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How to Transfer Money with Union Bank USSD

Making a transfer with Union bank is free and no stress. In fact, it requires exact seconds to complete a particular transaction.

However, you don’t need an internet connection to effect a transfer with the Union bank USSD, just dial *826*1*amount*account number# and input your four-digit transfer pin at the bank’s request.

Certainly, the Union bank account consists of savings and current and you can make transfers from either of these two accounts.

How to Check Account Balance with the Union Bank USSD

You can examine your account balance in several ways, like contacting the bank, visiting a POS teller, and using an ATM, but do you pass through that stress? So, all you require to do is to dial *826*4#, dial it from the telephone registered with union bank, and input your personalized four-digit pin to confirm your transaction.
Also, you can directly send an SMS “WORD” TO 20123 and you’re a balance message or notification from union bank will be sent to you.

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How to Check for Your Bank Statement

Checking your Union bank statement can be done with the secure Uniononline bank app. Also, this app provides convenient access to funds on the go.

All you need to do is, simply just log into the app and follow the instruction. So, check your union bank statement which will be delivered instantly.

Well, unlike the paper bank statement it may take 2-3 days to arrive.

What is the USSD Code for Union Bank?

Here are the Union bank USSD codes:

Function Short Code
Cardless withdrawal *826*7*amount#
Locate a branch/Union Direct Agent *826*19#
Request a debit card *826*21#
Request a loan *826*41#

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my USSD Union Bank account?

  • Dial *826# on the phone number associated with your Union Bank account
  • There are several options on the next screen.
  • To continue the activation, select the suitable option.
  • Enter the bank account number to which you want to link.

How do I activate my USSD Union transfer?

To register for the USSD code, dial *826# on your phone and then follow the easy instructions on your mobile phone.

How do I set up mobile banking with Union Bank?

  • Open the Google play store icon on your Android™.
  • Search by typing in Union Bank mobile banking.
  • Select the Union Bank logo when it appears.
  • Select the Union Bank NC Mobile Banking app.
  • Click INSTALL.
  • Click on the ACCEPT & DOWNLOAD.

How can I check my Union Bank account balance by SMS?

Customers can get their direct account balance by giving a Missed call to 09223008586.

How do I get my Union Bank PIN?

  • Dial *826#
  • Select “option 3” for “Self-pin” generation

How do I register my union Mobile?

  • Using your own Debit card.
  • Using your Net Banking credentials.
  • Using Branch Token (for helping Branch Token, the user needs to visit a branch)


Union Bank USSD creates an atmosphere of invincibility and the self-confidence to do just anything with money from a spot to any part of the world.

This article is explicitly created to guide you on how you can effectively use the USSD. Certainly, to enroll for this service, simply dial *826#.


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