How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo Sim With USSD Code| 2022

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How to link NIN to Glo USSD code has been a major challenge for most Glo subscribers.

However, after the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) recent regulation requiring all SIM registrations to be linked to a phone number (NIN).

As a result, Globacom has launched a shortcode for its members to use to finish the transaction quickly.

This article covers the process of linking your NIN to your Glo sim card using the USSD code and other methods.

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What You Need to Know About NIN

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique number that identifies you as a Nigerian and is given to you by NIMC after enrolment (the National Identity Management Commission).

So, during verification and validation, it is used to match your biometric data and other details in the National Identity Database.

How Do You Register for NIN?

Those who are yet to register for their NIN can do so at NIMC enrolment centers or their preferred network provider’s offices.

Here’s a quick guideline on the NIN registration:

  • Fill out the NIMC pre-enrolment form online on Pre Enrolment Portal, and then download and print the Pre
  • Enrolment Slip.
  • Submit your application to the NIMC Registration Centre closest to you.
  • Then, wait for the NIN issuing.

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Glo NIN USSD Code: All You Need to Know

In case you’re unaware, the current NIN that’s sweeping the country is the 11-digit National Identification Number.  This is what you receive when you register for the NIMC.

However, to link your NIN to your Glo SIM, you must first register with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

So, if you’ve already registered your NIN, I recommend dialing *346# to access your NIN on Glo to save yourself the trouble.

How Long Does it Take for NIN to be Validated and Updated?

The standard time limit for the issue of a National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 2 to 3 working days from the moment biometric information is obtained at enrolment centers.

however, the issue of NIN may take longer in some situations due to NIMC review of information.

How To Check NIN On Glo Line via USSD Code

After registering your NIN on Glo, you must check your NIN on your smartphone. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Enter *346# into your phone’s dialer.
  • Select NIN Retrieval by replying 1. It works when you dial the stated code from the phone number you registered with. Meanwhile, if you misplaced your SIM card, there is a remedy.
  • Reply 2 and you’ll be asked to enter your lost phone number straight away.

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How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo Sim

There are four ways to link your NIN to the Glo line; choose any of the methods from the list below.

#1. How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo SIM by USSD Code

*109# is the Glo NIN USSD Code to link your line. You may also link your national identity number to your Glo line by dialing *109*YourNIN#.

For example, call *109*080557845323# and follow the steps to successfully connect NIN.

Glo will notify you of your most recent activity. Your next step is based on the response you receive.

#2. How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo SIM by SMS

This one needs you to use your phone’s Messaging app. Nothing odd or challenging. Here’s how to link NIN to Glo using SMS/text message:

  • Open your message app
  • Create a new text message
  • Type “NIN” in the message space and send it to “109“.
  • In short; SMS “NIN to 109”. For instance; type 11765778987 send to 109

Or, simply text “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName” to 109  e.g “UPDATENIN 11765778987 John Doe’ to 109.”

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#3. How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo SIM With Glo Online Portal

To connect your NIN to Glo Follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Gloworld NIN webpage
  • Now, fill out the form with your correct personal information. This includes;
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Middle Name (optional)
    4. Phone Number
    5. National Identity Number (NIN)
    6. Your Email Address.
  • Enter the two-digit numbers you see and click “SUBMIT“.

#4. Visit the Glo Nearest Service Center

If you still cannot link your NIN to your Glo sim card using the simplest USSD code, then try this;

This method suggests that you take your issue to the local Glo customer service center. Request that a representative assists you with linking your NIN to Glo from their end.

The process is great and needs no work on your part. You’ll be asked a few questions, and the agent will walk you through the process of linking your NIN to your sim.

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Codes to Link NIN to SIM on Other Networks


NIN Shortcodes

MTN *785#
Airtel *121*1#
9mobile *200*8#

How to Link Your NIN to Your Glo Sim With USSD Code (FAQs)

How do I know if my NIN is validated?

To know if you have linked your NIN to your Glo line, dial *346#

What is the code for NIN for the Glo line?

Dial *109#

How do I connect my SIM card to NIN?

Using the NIMC Mobile ID App, connect your NIN to your mobile numbers. Then, open the app and enter your security PIN.

What do I do if my NIN is invalid?

Rather, you should take the NIN to the nearest NIMC enrolling center and get verification.


If you haven’t already registered for your NIN, you can do so by going to the NIMC Enrolment Centres at the link provided above.

You may also learn how to link your NIN if you are a customer on another network (MTN, Airtel, Spectranet, 9mobile, ntel, etc.).

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